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Successful Relationships

Ardebili Engineering was established in Scottsdale, AZ by Omid Ardebili in 2009 with a vision to create a collaborative workplace where successful client relationships are engineered. We are committed to our people and clients first.

Project Acquisition

The Account Management team will initiate the project setup.

  • Gather scope of work to draft proposals and modify them accordingly.

  • Assist in pricing and contract matters such as negotiations.

  • Post contract approval initiate project set up.

  • Send out welcome emails connecting the client to the assigned project managers.

Project Management

Project Managers lead the team of drafters and designers ensuring client satisfaction and project delivery in a timely manner.

  • Manage MP&E requirements.

  • Communicate with clients on deadlines & scope of work.

  • Leading designers to complete deliverables on time.

  • Engineers perform quality checks pre-submittal.

  • Provide construction documents & deliverables.


The finance team will secure payment during and upon completion of the project.

  • Issuing retainer, progress, and final Invoices.

  • Take action on delayed payments.

  • Secure Payment and closeout project books.

Ardebili’s Proven Process

Our team takes pride in being process-driven and streamlining each project from start to finish.

Ardebili’s Three Uniques

What differentiates us from our competitors

Process-Driven Company

We have a proven process in place to ensure project success is achieved from project conception to completion. Our process ensures efficiency and repeatable outcomes. We take pride in providing an exceptionally streamlined client experience with every project.

True MP&E Collaboration

Our Mechanical and Plumbing Engineers work side-by-side with our Electrical Engineers to ensure coordination throughout the project and provide the best end product to our clients.

Managing Deadlines without Compromising Quality

Our experienced project managers and engineers have the ability to adapt to changing timeframes without sacrificing the grade of our drawings.

Egineering building











Let's Engineer The Future Together

Based on the priorities and project type, we tailor our approach to accommodate your project requirements. We provide full-service mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering throughout the United States. Our approach to all projects includes listening, learning, planning, exploring, designing, coordinating, and delivering. Our focus and responsibility is to ensure efforts meet and exceed client’s expectations as well as project requirements.



Ready To Engineer The Future Together?

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