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Blogpost Checklist

Thanks for submitting!

Is the blogpost about a single Topic?
Is This Post
Does this blogpost intend to: (Pick all that apply)
Is this blogpost: (Pick all that apply)
Increase organic traffic to website?
Have Empathy towards client problems?
Identify ways we can help clients?
Create Relationship with client?
Increase Email opt-in rate? (Create quality content to help clients opt in for emails)
Connect with thought leaders in the industry? (Interview an influencer in the industry)
Has there been research allocated towards Similar posts? (If yes fill below)
Follow Company Template and style guidelines? (Company Color, post style and guidelines)
Have Social and Sharing Buttons (Including email sharing)
Have Table of content with Jump link to other parts of the posts
Have link to guide user to other posts on the website?
Include SEO and backlinks? (All thoughtfully places SEO, backlinks and keywords for ranking)
Included in listing page? (Is in the main listing page, title, image, preview of post, date shown)
Has a blog category tag for the posts? (Keep tags under 15)
Has Blog author bio?
Can Manage Comments?
Comment Management
Has a Sign up for Newsletters CTA button?
Follows Quality over Quantity rule?
Is following company blogpost structure? (Review based on other posts or original guideline)
Is topic of the post researched? (Conduct keyword search before selecting Topic)
Has a Working Title for the post with one (1) Long-Tail keyword?
Avoid keyword stuffing?
Head Term Aligns with the topic?
Title is clear for both Newsletter and Blogpost?
Title is 50 to 60 characters? (Ideal for google)
Follow How to General Formula?

How to Formula:

  • Why it matters Subheading

  • Content

  • Conclusion Subheading

  • Conclusion

Avoid repeating the same keywords by writing synonyms of the keyword?
Has Bold important text, not overloaded Bold text?
Has Visuals and Multimedia?
Has Whitespace for ease of reading?
Image Alt-Text is relevant?
Has 150-160 meta description?
All Hyperlinks has been checked?
Has a CTA next to relevant content?
Has a CTA next to relevant content?
Has Contractions?
Is in simple language?
Is in active voice?
Is in active voice?
Avoid Fluffy words?
Using you and your?
Avoid Jargon? (Avoid using company related terminology)
Is not Snarky?
Has been spell checked?
Is This Post: (Pick all that apply)
Being posted on time for newsletters (set repeating time either weekly, monthly, yearly)
Who is the target for the post? Pick all that apply.
Does this newsletter include (Select all that apply)
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